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24 July 2021 Saturday Poetry Prompt: get romantic

I saw her in the shadows,
the curves that defined her, trapped her;
kept her obsession in some kind of stasis,
some other dimension that reached beyond her boundaries
and grabbed hold of my heart.
Clung to it like a crucifix — prayers whispered then
shouted as I recoiled. Couldn’t be happening,
too over the top, too someone else and not me.
But there she was.

Lithe and lyrical. Shimmering and throbbing like
a locomotive about to send me into the afterlife –
Where was I heading?

Not home. Not back to who I was. Here was resurrection.
Here was eternity…

Humor |Vaccinations | Living Dangerously

Getting vaccinated or “Running with the Bulls at Pamplona.”

People are just fascinating creatures. There’s no denying it. They love the rush of adrenaline. The dopamine high after hanging 3000 feet off the ground by their fingertips.

Let’s face it, we’re enamored with all things dangerous -ice climbing, cliff jumping, waterfall kayaking, bull riding, drunk driving, parkour, blobbing, ice diving, free diving, wingsuit flying, escalator skiing, street luge, spelunking, MMF and dog sledding over glaciers.

All of which inevitably produces — concussions, broken bones, road rash, abrasions, contusions, dyspepsia, irritable bowels, and the occasional subdural hematoma. …

17 July 2021 Saturday Poetry Prompt: spoken word

Out of body for the first few seconds.
Hovering above like a spirit bird looking down
for someplace soft to land.
Why exactly am I here?
Words stuck to the roof of my mouth, peeling them
off with the tip of my tongue –
People watching — what is he doing?

Thought I lacked in the speech department. Felt empty
in front of others — but not alone. Alone I was filled with words.
Cascading down hillsides, pulling quotes out by the roots,
knocking over great indecisions and indiscriminate pauses
on my way to making a point.


Gardening| Humor |Friends

Though finding one among the weeds can be nerve-wracking

Bartholomew’s Upright and Decidedly English Dictionary

Defines friendship as:
The connection between two people or things that defies logic in that kinship and affectation remain intact despite differences, peculiarities, unending conflicts & disagreements, choices of spouses, undergarments, political affiliations, personal hygiene and the overarching propensity to be obstreperous toward one another.

Also, a state of grace on the head of a pin.

I’ve always enjoyed friendship … mostly in others.

Not that I haven’t set my sights on acquiring it now and then, I have, it’s just that for me, friendship has been a spectator sport for a long…


21 July 2021 Wednesday Prose Poem: carving out a statue

Mothers always suffer.
Sins abound. Sooner or later
they’ll pay.
Not directly — they live on.
Just without their hearts intact.
Without their dreams fulfilled.
Loving and wishing to be loved.
Caring and wishing to be whole.

Pieta on the dais.
Glorious and glorified.
Pitiful and yet you still listen — why?
How many tears have you caused?
How many sinners have you forgiven?

Joe Luca

I first saw Michelangelo’s Pieta at the New York State World’s Fair in 1964. My Dad and I waited in line for some time to get a peek. And that’s really all we got…


14 July 2021 Wednesday Prose Poem: the Other perspective

You praise wisdom and sincerity,
then talk shit about everyone you met that day.

Hold dear all sorts of considerations about how people
should act and treat each other and delve deeply
into the subconscious nature of upside down and
then reverse your stance — like an old VW — gears grinding
as you bump and bash into every goddamned thing you
thought well of in the past — crushing them under balding
tires — then slow, to take another sip of your Latte.

Life can be such a challenge. You’ve got the bumper sticker –
You’ve got the receding hairline…

10 July 2021 Saturday Poetry Prompt: the crows talk too

Saw one doing a crossword puzzle once — in pen.

Yeah, they’re smart. Anthropological too.
Perched high on wires —deep in conversation — taking notes,
Poop. Watch our reactions and move on to the next street.


Crows eat anything. Been around us too long.
Breakfast burritos and crushed French fries.

We curse them — but they clean up after us.
Nice of them.

Mischievous though. Bend car antennas.
Steal catalytic converters — No wait.
That’s us again.

Crows are misunderstood. It happens.
Urban myths mostly.

They’re religious too. Don’t see them on Sundays.
Come Monday — back at work…


I’m thinking it’s broken. Overwhelmed by the need for change and with the simple notion that Mother Nature will eventually take care of her own errors and put things back on track.

Mankind seems to have overwhelmed her softer, more compassionate side and replaced it with GMOs, Non-Fungible Tokens, and hands-free transactions. Man is from Nature. But has Man outgrown it?

03 July 2021 Saturday Poetry Prompt: dialogic enjambment

It’s Wednesday, not that it makes much of a difference –
Like Tuesday is fatuous or Thursday’s been smoking too much weed –
You’re talking to yourself again

Not at all, just finding that I keep having to repeat the same fucking question,
The same point of reason as I slog through mediocrity coming at me from
the cheap seats — You’re getting cynical my friend.

Bullshit, I’m already there — and we stopped being friends, remember -
when you left me years ago, for that jock with the broken front tooth and a noticeable pause every time he tried to…

30 June 2021 Wednesday Prose Poem: pretend you’re mad

Starry starry night. You’re yanking on my heartstrings,
and making me fall — in through the out door.
Into ideas rushing toward the exit — Help,
The universe is on fire and I am standing here
with nothing in my hands to put it out.

Only visions. The distance beyond measure. Spaceships
dancing from one quadrant to the next — peeking.
Interstellar intercourse of the third and most gracious kind –
Waiting for Spock to tap on my window. Han Solo pulling
me from my sleep — are you ready?

Am I? Now that I’ve been to the stars. Wept…

Joe Luca

I’m a writer. I love words. Those written, and those received. I’m here to communicate and comment. To listen and to learn. To be a part of a greater whole.

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