Poetry | Memories

Poem and recollection

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Los Angeles | Poetry | Time Marches On

Saturday Poetry Prompt: rework the phrase

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Life | Depression | Growing Wise

One story

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Poetry | Perseverance

Wednesday Prose Poem: the confidence to be unsure

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Poetry | Death | Sex

Saturday Poetry Prompt: sighing through psychoanalysis

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Poetry | Death | Perspective

Wednesday Prose Poem — who do you see?

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Writing | Humor | Adding Skills

Overcoming the silent response

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“If a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one around to hear it — does it still make a sound?”

Poetry | Returning

Saturday Poetry Prompt: feeling backwards

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Humor | Satire | Covid & Common Sense

How am I doing?

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“. . . sometimes I wonder if all of this is happening because I didn’t forward that email to 10 people.” Anonymous

Poetry | Reconciliation

Wednesday Prose Poem: scarification

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Joe Luca

I’m a writer. I love words. Those written, and those received. I’m here to communicate and comment. To listen and to learn. To be a part of a greater whole.

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