09 June 2021 Wednesday Prose Poem: social consequences

Driving through LA, like driving through a human mind.
Thousands of miles of pathways leading somewhere,
but long since forgotten. Telling us something that we once
thought important — but now, just old road signs –faded,
with their meanings somewhere in the past.

Memories found hidden in alleys and bins, as people
struggle to find them, and use them to locate their own lives.

02 June 2021 Wednesday Prose Poem: major philosophy

Confucius say … break open the cookie
Reveal the truth, then pay the tab.
Christ, we’ve missed the point — we’ve missed
the reason — all those dreams that came undone.

In the years since it was uttered,
all the lives we drove asunder
Three thousand wishes and we’ve yet begun.
Three thousand years and still we wonder,

The simple truth was all that mattered
Do not do to others, what you do not wish done to you.

Joe Luca

I broke open my first fortune cookie over 60 years ago and it began, Confucius say . . . I…

05 June 2021 Saturday Poetry Prompt: out of doors

You enter, all bracing and salubrious from a great night’s sleep and echo — the swirling majesty of your dreams, inviting us to be a part of your dance.

In comes the glorious exaltations. In comes the brooding sensibilities of a queen seconded to the outer reaches of the day — letting everyone drift to their own levels.

You sparkle all sunlit and punctual — clocks striking close to your whims. Sounding the coming of dream states and acquiescence, as we huddle and shimmer in your wake.

Love — you’re a harlot at times. You wind us around your finger…

29 May 2021 Saturday Poetry Prompt: explanations

I love the color blue . . . but why is it often bound to sadness?

Colors and emotions. Swirling intermittently around and around
Charging into dark corners. Chasing demons that retired years ago.
Living a nomad’s existence in Vegas, playing the slots and occasionally
catching Elton John at Caesars Palace

Big sigh and fuck it — is what the epitaph should read. Burned into
old wood and left with a vase full of daisies and plastic roses, next
to the old billboard with the faded bottle of Budweiser on it.

Colors betray…

What we can do to change that

If you are feeling happy or sad, joyful or nail-spitting mad, you are experiencing an emotion. We’ve all heard the term. We’ve all be consoled for being overwhelmed by them. We’ve all stared into the empty bottom of a pint of Ben and Jerry’s while trying to escape from one.

Yes, but what are they?

According to a book written in 2007 by psychologists, Don and Sandra E. Hockenbury, “an emotion is a complex psychological state that involves three distinct components: a subjective experience, a physiological response, and a behavioral or expressive response.”

What we call anger and what might…

26 May 2021 Wednesday Prose Poem: capitulation

I grew taller, older as the years passed,
saw myself being something different.
Changing the world maybe. Changing the record at least
– the old soundtrack that kept playing on and on,
while things remained the same.
Saw an opening once. A small point of light, in an otherwise black
sky and I thought — shit, I can squeeze through
that and become something special. Something grand.

In the end, it didn’t happen. That light faded.
I grew even older and couldn’t fit through the hole anymore.
The world rumbled on and I almost…

Where we need them.

Thought an angel landed on my shoulder the other day. Heard a familiar
voice and the smell of aftershave.

We can see an angel, right — or do they just see us?
Standing near, hand in ours so we don’t slide off the curb.
Don’t slip into the wrong lover’s embrace. Or is that
just my imagination?

Been feeling one near lately. Warm breath against my ear.
A gentle touch — How are you doing?
Wish I knew. Sensory deprivation seems like a good
idea these days. Less is more. More time to think.
To consider the meaning of leaves…

22 May 2021 Saturday Poetry Prompt: infatuation

Why are eyes so symbolic?
What’s wrong with the ears or perhaps the mouth, being the
gateway to most of Man’s mistakes.

Or hands for that matter — building bridges, or tearing
them down. Why do we personify body parts
or use them to describe the baser elements of Man’s nature?

He’s such an asshole.
What a dick.
She’s got a mouth on her — don’t we all?

What’s with this corporeal fascination with how
we are put together?

It’s all about the parts and how we use them, isn’t it?
We paint them…

19 May 2021 Wednesday Prose Poem: the effulgence of art

Can you see me?
I worry — perhaps there’s cause,
that no one sees — and no one knows.

Colors deep and rich — with thickness marks
the boundaries between this life and next.
Careful to not go too quickly and falter
Do you see me?

Ever gray and blue with touches in red,
my face burns like the sun; like a torch
that spreads, and leads the way to an empty room.
Can you find me?

With Starry nights and fields still frozen,
I wander in search of who might…

15 May 2021 Saturday Poetry Prompt: neologic

Sweet Mary Francis walked into my heart;
waltzing past Sister Harmonica silently standing guard.
Incense burning filled the halls, like BBQ
on Friday nights. Waiting for the angels –
still warming up — to enter and begin their revue.

Oh, saints turn to sinners — and sinners
toward the door. Exiting and entrancing
as the parishioners shout in practiced glee:
Deus, tamen illic es tu?

Stained glass windows, priests in robes
Whispers on their journey skyward
As candle-lighters set the heavens ablaze,
Please send me only what I ask for.

Nave to nascent…

Joe Luca

I’m a writer. I love words. Those written, and those received. I’m here to communicate and comment. To listen and to learn. To be a part of a greater whole.

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